What is Urturn?

Urturn gives users the opportunity to instantly express themselves and share their style in an ever-growing variety of ways.


Simple and spontaneous

Turners are able to spontaneously capture moments of inspiration on-the-fly. Select an Expression, instantly personalise it and share it with the world!



Expressions are ready-made templates that enable you to style your world. Flick through the ever-growing variety of Expressions and choose the one that suits your mood. Want to doodle on a friend's portrait? Add music to your holiday photos? Ask your friends which outfit they prefer? There’s an Expression for that!


Your turn

When you see a post on Urturn, you can like it, repost it or be inspired to take your turn and express yourself. On every post there’s a ‘your turn’ button. Simply click it to share with the same Expression!